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I got a few too many to count, so those who I remember to list, you get it. Reasons for the most part will be for myself.

Kaine's "Family" not really related by blood. But close enough.

Antiope female Lykos, Merchant,

Dolmera female Human, Rogue

Schale male Lykos, Mage

Kimoith female Human, Rogue

Other folks

Jakha female malor, Dahkoar

Sourd male human, Dahkoar

Dachavo male human, Rogue

Idetoni female human, Merchant 

Zuvabell, female gnome, Mage

Kaydena, female feline, Trader

We'll just throw the entire Dahkoar Religion in. To save some time listing. 

Elaru female Nymph, Mage

Ayumi female Nymph, Druid

Evanear male Nymph, Druid

Solaan female Nymph, Merchant

Maiara female Malor, Warrior

Sicarus male Malor, Rogue

Syath male Human, Rogue

Kitomi female Nymph, Merchant

Kethlyn female Elf, Merchant

Elahsa female Elf, Mage

Illiarana female Elf, Merchant

Disgleirio female human, Mage.

Tsorin, male human, Rogue