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A bit of the past.

Greetings, to those who will read this my name is Kaine. A poor city boy who became a free lancer, my mother was a working gal and I lived in the building across the down the street of the brothel with her and the other working ladies and their kids till a few years ago. During my time in there I worked tirelessly as either muscle or perhaps as other labor just saving me coins to get out for a better life and just dealing with the challenges in my days.  

My out came one night while I was working as muscle. A rich kid came in to blow some of his daddy’s crown and he brought his muscle. When the little prick started getting to touchy I went to take the kid off the gal and his muscle got in my way. Now, I admit. I have always been bigger then some. But against a full grown man, in armor and a bigger blade then my trusty dagger that is normally something I would walk away from. In fact I almost did, but something stirred in me as I was turning and I drew my blade and found a gap in his armor got him deep enough so that he fell. Unfortunately, I also had it out with the kid as well and the following events left me with little option but to departing from my home.

From there I found work on a ship and worked my way to Gahlen. Deal with rough waters, greedy crew members, and pirates once and awhile. Some days I wanted to quit and just try to go home. But I never gave up, it helped shaped me into the man I am today. A challenge I see in front of me is one I tackle. I admit I most often go about it alone. But I always see what I start through to its end.